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Some of Our Legal Services:
Medicaid Planning
  • Spend down strategies.
  • Legal Methods of transferring assets to qualify for Medicaid.
  • Financial protection for the well spouse.
  • Support Orders to benefit the well spouse.
  • Assistance with the Medicaid application process.
  • Income cap trusts to qualify for Medicaid if your income is over allowable limits.
  • Special Needs Trusts to preserve Medicaid and SSI eligibility, protection for disabled children.
Protective Proceedings
  • Emergency Proceedings.
  • Guardianships.
  • Conservatorships.
  • Elder Abuse.
  • Protective Orders.
Specialized Estate Planning for the Needs of the Elderly
  • Wills and trusts designed to protect Medicaid eligibility and protect your survivors.
  • Probate avoidance strategies--Living Trusts and other specialized trusts. Protection for stepchildren and blended families.
  • Protection for disabled children.
Probate, Trust, and Estate Services
  • Probate and settlement of Estates.
  • Final Accounting and Distribution of Estates and Trusts.
  • Trust Administration.
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